In Harmony With Us

Musicians Supporting the Cause from a Distance

“For us, & many of our friends, we aren’t beholden to ANY political party, but more to certain ideas, concepts, & values. Whoever best represents those, is the candidate we feel good about supporting.

This 2016 U.S. Presidential election is about removing income inequality as a barrier to personal growth for so many Americans.
This election is about addressing our country’s broader systemic gender & racial inequality.
This election is about ending a foreign policy that costs the lives of our soldiers (as well as civilians abroad), creates new enemies, & takes money away from investing in our own country’s infrastructure.
This election is about supporting American workers with fair wages & better opportunities, & not exploiting other countries’ workers anymore, either.
This election is about giving our young people a chance to attend college without having to go into heavy debt just to get the same education the rest of the developed world gives their youth for free.
This election is about reforming our criminal justice system & ending police brutality against people of color, the underprivileged, & those with limited access to legal counsel.
This election is about redirecting our energy policy toward a greener path of renewable energy & acknowledging the very real threat of global warming.
This election is about continuing to expand access to Universal health care coverage for all citizens as a basic right, and not as a privilege.
This election is about everyday folks, & not some rich bankers who profit every time the average American loses money in a stock market decline or a housing crisis.
This election is about We,The People vs The Corporations.

For these reasons, & many others, Groove Collective is endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders in his bid to become President of the United States.
We are witnessing a once-in-a-lifetime phenomena: an honest, principled and incorruptible politician reaching the highest levels of the national political field. And this has been achieved mostly from small, individual donations & with very little mainstream press.
We encourage all of you who want to live in an America that embraces the future, & doesn’t cling to our divided past, to please consider donating to and/or voting for Bernie Sanders.
It’s not about him, it’s really about US. All of us.

Check out Bernie Man Festival – We’ll be there in spirit!”