Lined Up for Sanders

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“Change has never happened from the top down. The powers that be will always want things to stay as they are- how else could they remain in power? Change, like heat, always rises- and the folks up top are starting to lose their cool. It’s publicly-supported, hand-made events like the Bernie Man Festival that prove that humanity has the capacity to change and evolve. When people come together to make bold expressions of love and the desire to change, we can do damn near anything. This movement has just begun, and I’m proud to say that I’ve been a part of it. May the heat keep rising, and may it keep warming hearts.”


As avid supporters of the Bernie Movement and everything he stands for, Minor King gives their full support to this great man and event! We have no doubt that we can make it all the way to the White House with the fire on our heels. Our country and our world is in dire need of a hero whose views align with ours. From his stand on immigration to his views of pro-choice rights to his remarkable statements on gun control, our band supports Bernie Sanders, and you should too.

“Any time there is an event/festival with a Unity & Love theme you will find Music Heaven Artists (Znuff Starr, B3B3′, Jason Gorey & Miss May) there to support. Music is a great way to bring people together and we are honored to be playing the BernieMan Festival.”

“Bernie Sanders is a fearless public servant who speaks truth to power and reminds us all that this is OUR democracy!  We have a very unique opportunity to reclaim our democracy from the wealthy elites and the billionaire class who have divided us for decades and whose reckless greed has metastasized injustice, poverty and despair across the US and the world. We all must stand up, join the revolution and say “enough is enough”!!  Join me and millions of others, and #FEELTHEBERN!  Vote Bernie in California, New Jersey! on June 7, 2016″  — Bill Ware

“I endorse Bernie Sanders for president, because we need to elect a real progressive who will revitalize our energy system, stand up for LGBT, women’s and civil rights, and bring back democracy for the working people by refusing SuperPACs and special interest loans. Let’s make the country a better place by voting for Bernie.”   – Anthony Mauro

“In the past thirty years of being involved in local social and political causes, it has been rare for us to find an honest politician we could get behind, who actually had a chance to win the Presidency of this country. There may be many uphill battles to come, but we are prepared for the challenge, and we are prepared to win. But regardless of winning or losing… with his inspiration, we will have started a movement that WILL prevail over the long haul, and eventually change the corrupt face of politics in America. Bernie Sanders’ vision is a cause worth fighting for.” — Mario & Tiffany Sen

“Bernie has displayed authenticity, integrity, and honesty that I have not seen before in a presidential candidate. Furthermore I believe in his message of bringing people together and taking back our government and our country.” –  Alex Gideon

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